Updated 15th May 2022

in these 2 early pics are Cinny Girl who mated with

Big Bill,  gave me my first Cinnamon kittens.

[ later got my digi-camera] but due to a Computer death lost hundreds of pics of these early litters in the crash.

Hoped to keep pics of kittens at each weekly stage so as to form a reference,  so the subtle colours changing and developing could be used to check kittens against.

Of course you cannot do a page on Mum's without showing her kittens,  so who cares about tidy pages.

Cinnamon Pearl 'Racer' x Big Bill 12.5.01 15 kits

Cinnamons , Cinnamon Pearl in Rex & smooth

REW Doe carried Agouti , Black and Red-eye factor. Only had 2 Black, 2 Agouti Rex.  She died heart attack 12 mths.

Agouti ' Toy 'x Bill had 12 kits  14.2.01 Cinns,Agouti which all carried

constantly changing colours in their coats. ALL PICS were Lost !!DAMN

Mink ' Minky Poo ' x Big Ben had 7 kits  13.2.01 Cinns, S.Minks

Sorry ! again pics of rest of the  7 are Lost

Cinnamon Rex ' Cindy ' x Pearl Buck ' Randy ' had 4 kits 1.6.01 all Cinns

Cindy shows how typically,  she threw up a Nest Mountain in the Hagen

Few hours before having the babies!

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