Updated 5th February 2010

My favourite Agouti Rex ' Rexanne ', on the ' to kidnap ' list. Her first litter was an interesting 15 & well recorded this time.

Agouti Rex 'Rexanne' x Cinnamon 'Peter' 31.8.01

7 Cinnamons, 1 Black irish, 2 Agouti, 2 S.Fawn

and 3 Champagnes

Evidentally Rexanne carried Red-eye factor

Rexanne very pregnant

I get a kiss !

Count the shades carefully and you can resolve which what colours they will become.

At this stage, the 5 kits with Red eyes can be counted

Mobbed by her babies

3 Champagnes

Lovely exciting colouring stage

3 Champagnes & 2 S.Fawns

2 Agouti boys

The ' Seven Devilish Sins '{ Cinnamons }

Champagne Rex

S.Fawn ' Lion King '

S.Fawn ' Lion King '

he's a handful of treasure

As kittens making their stamp on the Show bench

MRC November.2001

S.Fawn Doe ' Fawnee '

got BIS

Champagne buck ' Champers '

got RBIS

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