Story of Gift begins here

Gift ,  all alone in his nest

Gift ,  having been hand fed a breakfast of human baby milk

The 'white band' of milk shows across his belly

From the Angling shop,  This pack has very useful narrow rubber tubing that can be used to make Teats from.

[ I have left two pieces of syringe blunt needle stuck in ends to show scale.]

4th July. 2002

Story of Gift. The struggle to exist by a lone rat kitten born to good parents but destiny fated him to be the only kitten in a big empty nest.

Born  10 minutes into 26th June

after a full 24 days in the womb.

Mum a Cinnamon Rex, Dad a Cinnamon Pearl.

Here recorded at 5 days old. Being cared for by Mum but due to a cruel

quirk of Nature her hormones now do not stimulate enough feed for the single tiny tot as he alone cannot make enough demands on her system to trigger more lactation.

See accompanying photos

at 1st July .2002

Desperately  adapted syringes to hand feed him

Pound coin for scale:

4th July more ....

Now he's reached 9 days old

His Mum

Been fed, now he's just sleepy

Straight whiskers, smooth coated.

Growing into a beautiful boy.