Yorkshire Rat Club 17th July 2010 - Celeb 50th Show

Varieties Judge: Julie Oliver                             

Show Secretary: Janette Rogers

Updated 10.8.2010

Just a glimpse into our Fun packed “ Gold themed “ celebration of the

YRC ‘s 50th show Birthday !!!

“ I am really a happy rat ! Its

Just my ears are always low. “

“ You look so sad with your ears

not stood up proudly ! ? “

Can’t a guy sleep around here ...

... I ‘am just looking into this big mystery fella’s !

 Where’s the obvious bag of fertiliser hidden ... ?

‘Hair to day ... Gone tomorrow !

One of YRC’s pretty young members ! - Mum email me your name

- so I can see you get her full sized image files please .

The youngsters ‘activity’ tables

Pets:  Ellie Cadman



50th YRC


17th July


A very good turn out of

Varieties Entries

See below ,,,

Sorry ... no Presentation pics - I was helping a member to reach

her train in time before the end of the show, but see those later in StaratS .... Colin says

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