Yorkshire Rat Club 15th May  2010 Cup Show

Uploaded:  19.5.2010

Varieties Judge:  N.F.R.S Judge Ann Storey                            

Show Secretary: Janette Rogers

A documentary of YRC in the making ... ...

St Agnes Church Halls - with YRC May 15th 2010 Cup Show in progress.   Nice weather

Varieties tables

Pets tables

Ann Storey NFRS President in pensive mood

sharing thoughts perhaps, with Doug Connor

Varieties Judge: Ann Storey

Lisa recording the essentials

These are the real action hero’s - the ratties -

tho’ apparently relaxed about it all !

Cup snatchers Gallery Ha ha !

Hard to photograph ! Cup grabbers don’t stand still very long for photographs

Janette could have done with a

supermarket trolly for her trophies – so many Awards

Loyal Julie Oliver also receiving her awards from Ann

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