Yorkshire Rat Club 20th March 2010 Show

                            1 Star Show

Uploaded:  29.3.2010

Play-do Gallery of March 2010 creations by the children

Hon Sec Nick Mays in top form !

Hon Sec Nick Mays & Show Sec Janette Rogers

Adam volunteered bravely to man the YRC Shop

One big ratty I snapped

Rosettes prepared for the Presentation

Display and Foods stand donated

       by Supreme Pet Foods

Trial of new NFRS Varieties Schedule

The Varieties Judging table

The Pets Judging team

Varieties Judge:  Nick Mays                         Pets Judge:   Vicki Sherburn

Show Secretary: Janette Rogers

Judge Nick Mays

Jannine and Lisa aiding

Pensive perusal of pet rat - by Pets Judge Vicki Sherburn

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