Yorkshire Rat Club 19th May 2007 Cup Show

Varieties Judge:  Lian O' Sullivan

Pets Judge: Lindsey Shuttleworth

Show Secretary: Cath Eames

Steward: Sheena Pratley

Celebrating 5 Years of YRC

[ Swift Valley ] Two photo's of Lisa Clarke's beautiful Doe B.I.S

Max and his big friendly Best Pet


We celebrated our first 5 YEARS with a special cake.

(it was very tasty - and fast disappeared within seconds !)

Rats must have said " Don't these humans just love cake"

Best Pet 'Terry'

Jo and 'friend'

So sorry ! the presentation snaps were out of focus folks

I thought to snap the impressive trophies - before they were all Won !

Smashing show ! Everyone had a good time I feel sure. Even the

weather was nice & sunny ... except when the President walked

along the road to get some show essentials -- then it RAINED ! Ah well.

Lindsey sure had lots of Pets to judge

Lian's first judging Varieties for YRC - and I feel it

won't be long before we see Lian again.

updated  4th August 2009

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