Yorkshire Rat Club 18th November 2006 Show

Varieties Judge:  Matt Creaney

Pets Judges: Sheena Pratley and Nick Mays

Show Secretary: Cath Eames

Stewards:  Lee Joyce

Jo Spooner

The real heroine ! 'Südwind' Topaz doe > BIS

Some of the new YRC November trophies

Early ... Just after doors opened

Gwen and 'Archie'

Archie - the boss !

great snap !  Chris King & shoulder chums

her first rats ' Zippy' and Bungle'

Kay, caught snapping

on my patch eh !

Dan Waters being presented

Best Kitten Kirklees Cup by Matt

Rattenfänger (colin !) sneaking off

with the Bronte Cup  BIS

Varieties - judging in process

Jo Spooner

Matt Creaney

Judging Pets  Sheena and Nick

updated  4th August 2009

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