Yorkshire Rat Club January 28th 2006 Show

Varieties Judge: Peter Mitchell

Pets Judges: Sue Collins and Robyn Eames

Show Secretary: Cath Eames

Steward: Ioana Spooner

* For this website pictorial record of the January 28th 2006 Yorkshire Rat Club Show,      

I thought,  as all members have the StaratS at home, which tries to show as many class winners as possible,   here in this webpage I wish to conduct an experiment,  to see if one can capture some of the marvellous atmosphere of what was a record breaking show,  using fewer photo's - but in larger scale.   This reveals more from the photographs which is impossible to see in reduced tiny snap size.

The uncompressed snap of the little rattie tucking into the sandwich is 25 times sharper and can be actually printed in full A3 without loss !.  I thank his owner for this special pic of the year !.

updated  4th August 2009

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