Yorkshire Rat Club Show March 19th 2005

Varieties Judge:  Sandra Mobbs

Pets Judges: Kay Redhead

Show Secretary: Kaleigh Gray

Clare Holmes Best Opposite Age

Russian Blue Dumbo ' Ziggy' 9wks

Celtic Dream's Blue Agouti Doe


Brandon's ' Charlotte'  Best Pet

Quite a surprise on the day,  was the celebration of  four

Birthdays !

Don't ask me for too many details !!, I had

a hard time trying

to follow what cake

involved who !! ??

Sandra concentrating ...

Those pretty YRC Rosettes

The new supervised Kitten

sales-table working well

with Sarah and Jacky

Not much room this month, for my new pet Volvo 940

Sandra presenting Simon

of Celtic Dreams with BIS




Happy Clare's pretty Dumbo won Best Opposite Age

Steward: Matt Creaney

updated  4th August 2009

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