Yorkshire Rat Club Show February 19th 2005

Varieties Judge:  Graham Mobbs

Pets Judges: Dianne Schofield

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Many Entries in the varieties for

Graham to judge !

Dianne was busy judging Pets

By gum ! Lisa is a fast growing ' kitten '

Poor Graham had a media crew in close !

No ! Nick didn't auction Lisa off

Sarah captured

Max loves to show !

Still keen to get their beauty sleep in !

Graham relaxing now - the film crew have moved on

Nick's auction raised huge amounts

for Tsunami Fund for animal relief

Templeton Rattery won BIS and Res BIS

Both shown underneath

Topaz BIS

Agouti Res BIS

Max Boyd holding his precious pet rat

The Best Pet,   called Gryff

The record breaking Auction

Nick in action doing a great job

- a massive attendance by

members, visitors and media

Steward:  Lee Joyce

updated  4th August 2009

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