Yorkshire Rat Club Show July 17th 2004

Varieties Judge:  Tony Jones

Pets Judges: Sue Cupples and Amanda Murgatroyd

Scribe:  Kay Redhead

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Well attended,  and a relaxed fun show

Steward:  Perry Redhead

Tony judging varieties

Perry & Kay

Jack, Tiff and Max hard at work

Sue and Amanda judging Pets

* looks like Jessica is pointing to her Mum - below

Lucky I snapped Amanda holding BIS

with Tony here,  before presentation

Amanda's Topaz Doe BIS

in top fit condition, excellent winner

Best Pet 'April' with smiling

owner Rebecca Parkinson

#  many days later after photographing this YRC show I discovered the camera had ceased to function any more !!

Today it was dispatched to the Fuji Repairs Unit to see if it can be restored to full working order once more ...

> dare not miss getting snaps of the September Show/AGM  ??

Special thanks to Tony for kindly judging and helping to make this YRC show full of fun and one to remember.

Please forgive me for not including

every ones names and wins etc

updated  4th August 2009

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