Yorkshire Rat Club Show May 15th 2004

Cup Show

Varieties Judge:  Peter Mitchell

Pets Judges: Kay Redhead and Mum Perry

Steward:  Steve Gordon

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Very good entries of Varieties

a break for the Pet judges

Lovely hot & sunny

This was Peter's last opportunity

to judge for us,  as he leaves

for a long period in Russia.

Show Sec Julie was ' helped' by new daughter Lisa,

Happy celebration of our

Cup Show ( Club Birthday! )

We all wish Peter safe travels

YRC Chairman Nick giving the

YRC President - a big

surprise presentation !!

Kay presented the Pet Awards.

Jack is becoming quite show veteran

Kitty Horsman ( YRC's youngest Pet Judge)

received her special award today,

Alan is amazed !, having joined YRC today

he never expected to be a Winner too !!.

There are many more good snaps that

were also taken at the show - but

although not shown here ,  you will be able

to view them at leisure in the

YRC Show Album

Sheila Sowter with her beautiful Hooded

won the Best In Show -see him below

Lindsey proudly holds her bonny

Best Pet ' Sonny ' for his photo event

Maddie was awarded

a medal,  for special services to YRC medal

President Colin is ' gob-smacked '

and thanks everyone for this

facinating Russian Rat figure

Best In Show

Nick makes the presentation

to a surprised Colin

The NFRS Star award,  that Sheila's Hooded boy

won at this YRC show - will mean Sheila can now

claim Silver Championship for him.

A great win for the Hooded variety.

Peter giving an award to Sue

Best Pet

' Sonny '

Robyn Eames is pleased

Why is Catherine sad ? Perhaps

its 'cos my digital camera is slow

Julie Fox from Hull winning again.

Good folk come from Hull !,  I know because

( my) Kath lived in Hull - the city was my second

home when courting ...

Sorry for any errors - still learning ! >    webmaster

Well attended,  and a relaxed fun show

Many thanks to Martin for taking

many of these photo's !.

I must remember to confiscate his camera.  

Having started upon her ratty adventures

much earlier than us ' oldies '

Kitty is a very assured young lady

behind,  Jacky grin's ^


His name is Hengist

updated  4th August 2009

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