Yorkshire Rat Club Show November 15th  2003

Varieties Judge:  Nick Mays  

Pets Judges:

Lindsey Shuttleworth, Anna Gordon and Tiffany Boyd

Judges Scribe:  Kerry Langford

Steward:  Martin Langford

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Once more  we were pleased to  welcome  many new members & visitors to a YRC Show.    Fine, dry & mild day too.

Excellent weather

Good spread of entries

BIS Cinnamon

to Serendipity

Our brave trio of Pet Judges

Nick judging, BIS in his hand

( a fine Cinnamon I'd love to kidnap )

A pet rat glowing with health

Best Pet owned by Lucy Crookes

Clare and Rae's Toy Box proves to be invaluable, so now is a regular feature

YRC's Show Secretary Julie Oliver

preparing the awards

As Pet judge, Tiffany is giving Awards to Lucy

Tiffany here is receiving Awards from Nick

Carol won the top raffle Prize

Amy relaxs but Sarah suspects my motives ! Ha

Laura very happy

Nick chats with Burgess Animal Foods PR Annette Oliver

I can't let Vice Chairman Martin escape

the camera everytime- sorry Martin !

2 happy rogues - Julie and Nick

Jack Boyd naturally

updated  4th August 2009

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