Yorkshire Rat Club           Show and AGM  27th September  2003

Varieties Judge:  Ann Storey

Pets Judges: Madeleine Langford and Joe Taylor

Judges Scribe:  Alison Campbell

Steward:  Sheila Sowter

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Once more  were so pleased to be able to welcome so many new members & visitors to the Show. Lovely sunny day,  we all enjoyed a great relaxed show - then polished off our very first AGM

Show Manager: Peter Michell

Judges attendees:  Gwen Hemsley, Sam Curnow

Maddie and Joe judged Pets

Indefatigable Ann has a break ...

Sarah's special display-one word =super

BIS  a beautiful Agouti Doe - Serendipity Stud -

Best Pet Steve Gordon's Husky

another good snap of Best Pet

bet owner Steve Gordon is proud.

above: happy Christine Ashworth

below: beaming Clare Ashworth

Laid back Alison Campbell smiles

-her lovely Agouti won Any Other Age

and so in this show takes

the Reserve Best In Show position.

my head hurts ! sorry for getting it

wrong Alison, in first uploading.

Serendipity -inc BIS folks

a rosette for Sheila too

Rattenfänger even grabs rosettes

Maddie awarding cheeky Max

lots more photos in the YRC Show Album can be

looked through during shows.

(errors corrected 14th October  2003 )

its still not perfect - I am still learning ...


updated  4th August 2009

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