Yorkshire Rat Club Show 19th July  2003

Varieties Judge: Gill Thomas

Pets Judges: Lyn and Emma Dyson

Judges Scribe: Caroline

Steward: Sue Foulds

Show Secretary: Julie Oliver

Hot &dry, but with patio doors

open-plenty of moving air

Emma and Lynn judging Pets

Gill judging, thanks to Caroline for Scribing

Lesley and .... "Scarlet " ! ?

Best in Show by Sue Foulds

Best Pet by Julie Parker

Lyn Punt, pensive but happy

on her 1st YRC visit

Kath gets the Red Card

but not sent off LOL !!

Show Secretary Julie Oliver - the mainstay

most dilligent worker of all, we salute Julie !.

Sarah's Info / Displays are

equal to any professional's

Nick awards Paul & Sue

Stuart surveys the Hall !


Lindsey - of course !

lives for the YRC shows

Awwh! Sam

Beaming Brenda !

Christine on a cloud !

Acrorats, Julie Parker

owner of Best Pet !!

We were so pleased to be able to welcome so many new members & visitors to the Show. In spite of record temperatures outside,  we all enjoyed a great relaxed show inside.

Even two lady vistors from Finland

Cinnamon Pearl

The ' Denholme Smiler '

Amanda's Mum

President awards a future

YRC President !? who can tell ...

updated  4th August 2009

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