Yorkshire Rat Club Show 16th November. 2002

A very very Wet day !! people were very brave travelling thro' all the heavy rain to get to the Show. Huge parts of Scotland were flooded today.

Varieties Judge: Gill Thomas

Pets Judges: Kim Calvert and Rebecca  Hill

' Brock ' the Champagne buck

kitten BIS today at YRC Show

         and unbelievably he

was BIS at NERS last Sat !!

This was the most  exciting Rat Show ever.

A show that was full of staggering surprises

Amy mastering the art of Show Sec ' ing

Super judge Gill ably Scribed by Lucy

Nick's impromptu demonstration had everyone entranced

First time as Steward for Adrian Well done Adrian and our thanks

Even Gill was fascinated by Nick's demo

This picture of a family watching him, suggests

Nick is a natural born  teacher

How can Fiona look so fresh after

all that long trip from her home in Scotland ?

Happy Sheila

Very sorry Members for delays in uploading this page.

My computer had to have some work done to it. C.A

Me - stealing rosettes

while Gill is'nt looking !!!

updated  4th August 2009

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