Yorkshire Rat Club Show 21st September. 2002

Very nice day. Warm, dry and  Sunny

Varieties Judge: YRC's President Nick Mays

Young Cinnamon 'Gift' snapped

here Jacky and Kerry

Kim with Beccy helping

to mark the prize cards

Sam Curnow and Maddie Langford

judging the Pets

Nik  likes Husky rats

The 'Indiana Jones'

Bridge of Doom

Sarah and Jacky 'fed the troops'

A lovely show,  lots and lots of new visitors came to join in and

I am sure all went home later feeling they'd had a good day out.

Rachel Guest enjoyed sitting in

and assisting Nick during judging

Lyn Warren bravely acted as

Steward for Nick , seen here

being presented with her rosettes

Lucy Crookes and Adrian Webber

joined YRC today too

Stuart joined YRC at the Show

Nick with two keen fans

Beccy receiving a

rosette from Nick Mays

Sam the whirlwind

updated  4th August 2009

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