Yorkshire Rat Club Show 20th July. 2002

Ratty fans from all over Yorkshire and Lancashire and Scotland too , their support made this  Show a  success

Many thanks to all members for helping to tidy up at the close.

More pictures can be seen in the Club Show Album

which will be at all future Yorkshire Rat Club  shows

This months rosettes were a pretty picture

Weather wise a mixed up July day umbrella and sunglasses sort of ...

New visitors, including  Paula found us OK

Jacky enjoyed being Steward when the numbers stopped spinning in her head.

Jacky 's doe gained RBIS to her amazement

Amy and Sam judging Pets

Show Sec Kim keeping order with Margaret ably assisting

Nice to have Fiona and Brenda for the day - all the way from Scotland

Kerry on left, helping me welcome Fiona and Brenda

Yes ! you guessed correctly

Kath is sticking out her tongue at me

Rachel usually dodges me ...

todays Junior- 1st Pet Buck rosette.

Jacky's Sleepy Sumo pet rats

Fiona & Brenda we love you. Hope your long journey back to Scotland was smooth.

Amy so enjoyed doing 'research' on our agility prototype, using her reserve army of pets.  The rats loved it.

There's a fine tail ...

I am very pleased that Martin has allowed me to add his photos to our page  Grrr  they are better than mine !!

Sheila our last minute stand-in Judge

Sheila our last minute stand-in Judge

Sheila our last minute stand-in Judge

happy to award Brenda the BIS  rosette

Poor Sheila came only  to enter her rats and then we pursuaded her to be our last minute Vars Judge due to Nick not making it.  So Sheila had to commit her rats to the pets class for the day.

We are very grateful for her sacrifice and we thank her for definately saving the day for us.

" we do this to make our ' umans happy "

" has he snapped us yet ? "

Charlotte Mason's  lovely Doe

was Best Pet in Show

Stud Buck today was Fiona' s

updated  4th August 2009

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